Why do you need website audit

SEO report what should include

Why do you need website audit. Site audit A regular audit of a web site is one of the most important factors for its stable and efficient functioning. Among other activities for the analysis of Internet projects, one can distinguish this type of analysis, as an external audit of the site. The main feature of this type of audit from others is that it does not analyze the website itself, but the external environment in which it operates and which...

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How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works

Social Media Steps

How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works Social media is dominating our lives. A study by Statista showed that people, on average, spent more than 2 hours a day on social media platforms. And frankly, that number is surprisingly small, given that people are constantly on their phones browsing through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, among others. What this means for businesses is the market is ripe for social media marketing. It has been ripe for many...

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SEO Shopify plugins review

shopify seo plugins

SEO Shopify Plugins Review Fifty years ago, no one could’ve predicted how people would live and do business. While the same underlying principles remain, businesses today no longer resemble businesses in the past. Today, you can start, manage, and grow a business right in the comfort of your home, a warm and sunny beach, or anywhere with internet connection. Shopify is one such way of getting your business idea off the ground. However, as awesome as it is, Shopify isn’t...

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7 Tips to Improve Your Google My Business Listing

Our Easyclick Studio online marketing agency can help you to start with your Google My Business. Location, location, location. These are the three most important considerations in starting or operating a business. Consumers aren’t going to go out of their way to visit back alley shops when there’s a perfectly good store on the main avenue. Online, the same principle applies. Businesses need to be visible to invite traffic and convert them into sales. That’s where Google My Business (GMB)...

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Botnet of Infected WordPress Sites Attacking WordPress Sites

The Defiant Threat Intelligence team recently began tracking the behavior of an organised brute force attack campaign against WordPress sites. The hackers has created a botnet of infected WordPress websites to perform its attacks. The bots attempt to get access to WordPress privileged accounts. Five million attempts in 30 days! In the last 30 days Wordfence plugin have blocked more than five million malicious authentication attempts associated with this attack campaign in the last thirty days alone. The requests pass...

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