Botnet of Infected WordPress Sites Attacking WordPress Sites

The Defiant Threat Intelligence team recently began tracking the behavior of an organised brute force attack campaign against WordPress sites. The hackers has created a botnet of infected WordPress websites to perform its attacks. The bots attempt to get access to WordPress privileged accounts. Five million attempts in 30 days! In the last 30 days Wordfence plugin have blocked more than five million malicious authentication attempts associated with this attack campaign in the last thirty days alone. The requests pass...

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Voice search and local SEO: How to get started?

How important is voice traffic Easyclick Studio professionals recommend you to think and prepare your website for a voice search. In 2018 Google presented statistics according to which nearly 50% of all voice queries are for a local business or place. Nearly a third resulted in a visit to a website of a local business after making a voice search. Additionally over 50%  of all voice searches occur while people drive their vehicles.  Requests can be categorised into searches for information...

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