10 ideas for promoting medical services

How to promote medical services

1. Make emotional ads

How to attract 174% more calls using video advertising – the case  one of the  laser clinics.
There is a lot of competition on the medical services market now and on almost every website, banner, billboard you can find the phrase about “expert doctors and modern equipment”.But the fact is that a service in medicine is not bought instantly. A person saw your ad today, but he is healthy and does not hurt anything. But when six months later, a year starts to hurt, he is unlikely to remember “experts and modern equipment.” What she will definitely not forget is the emotional connection that has been established with your brand.

2.  Work with your services Reviews: the patient is the best marketer.
It’s not just marketers who decide whether a clinic will be successful. The patient himself still affects the reputation and popularity. And this is a very delicate topic – often people come with pain and fear. In this state, they can be very vulnerable and the doctor’s professional impartiality can be regarded as indifference, low level of service.

3. What to do with negative reviews
After such a technique, a person gives a low rating in reviews on Google Maps, after him another client does the same – after that you lose trust and potential customers. What to do? Answer questions clearly and quickly, pay attention to patients. Both in the clinic and in the comments on social networks, on the forums. That being said, do not remove negative reviews – respond to them, make it clear that you care.

4. Speak the patient’s language.

Discuss your content with the doctor before publish.
The complexity of promoting the medical field – there are many terms that are understandable only to doctors. But after all, it is not them that should be involved in clinics, but patients, therefore, one should speak in an accessible language. In EasyClick Studio the mission of the company is built on this and the promotion of all projects follows this principle.

The main rule is to be precise in your definitions. Before going public, show the materials to someone with a medical background. So there will be no medical blunders in your “human” communications.

5. Make content unique 

It seems clear and not at all a trick, but few people realise how important it is to take live photos, write copyright texts. For example, at the beginning of the work on the show “I am going to ruin my own tila” the producers were looking for photographs of doctors and clinics to create a presentation of the project. The search results contained a lot of stock pictures and photos of real doctors of one Sydney dental clinic. According to legend, this is how the four-season collaboration began. Conclusion – don’t skimp on content. We say that it must be unique and catchy. Stock photography makes you just like everyone else. By the way, the same photos are used in promotions of clinics, dry cleaners, and nursing homes. Make your own photos and video! Thats very catchy.

6. Talk to the patient after providing the service

Customer retention through email marketing, remarketing, and a simple phone call also works in the healthcare niche. This is how EasyClick Studio uses the on WordPress website builder online service. The service performs the function of a remarketing tool and every month sends to clients a special offer by email: to undergo a 6-month dental examination, to reserve laser hair removal, Christmas specials.

In addition to sales, such a strategy helps to increase loyalty – it’s nice when you are reminded to take care of your health. In addition, they offer a specific list of actions: what and how to do, where. It’s about attention and care.

7. Check if the staff knows your products and services

In addition to doctors, nurses, laboratory workers and other employees with medical education, there is a percentage of those who are far from this area.

And you can spend huge budgets on advertising, but if the administrator cannot really explain what services the clinic provides, why this or that analysis is needed, then there will be little sense.
Sometimes the receptionist does not know how one procedure differs from another. Talk to the staff about all clinic services and promotions that are run for your business.

8.Offer High Quality

Various improvements and improvements, strategies, tools – everything works only if you promote a quality medical product, a service thought out to the smallest detail.

Having found a professional client-oriented doctor, it may turn out that he does not need promotion, he already has a record two weeks ahead. Such a doctor himself actively promotes his brand in the brand of the clinic.

9. What your business can do for the client?

Those businesses are popular that offer the client a solution to his problems. The notorious sale is not a drill, but the holes it makes. How does it work in the healthcare industry? For example, the difficulty is in the increased growth of body hair and this lowers your self-esteem. Or, when removing hair, you don’t like using wax, so why is it painful? The solution to the problem will be: Fast and painless laser hair removal.

10. Find your client

If the owner of the clinic thinks that his audience is only men from 18 to 35 years old. We will offer auditing of the audience and keywords that will help reject or confirm the words of the business owner and find more channels to attract new customers.