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Medical centre website and promotions.

Find out how to increase traffic to the website of a medical clinic 4 times in 5 months using complex Internet marketing of medical services.

Medical topics are quite specific. It has a special terminology, complex and often very expensive services, high competition. These materials created not only by clinics, but also by large medical portals.


How to promote and make digital marketing for new clinic with no name?

Clinic  has high-quality modern equipment, highly qualified staff and a desire to develop its own brand online.

This and many other things will be discussed in this article using the example of developing a strategy for promoting the sites of medical clinics of a wide profile.

Features of the sites of medical centres.
A typical site for a medical centres is:

  •  Dental website
  • Family GP.local practice website
  •  Specialist consultation practice website
  •  Physiotherapy website
  • Mental Health website

Promotion region: firstly, local promotion and area is needed, in the future, it is necessary to create a positive reputation for the clinic throughout Australia.

How to market a medical practice?

Healthcare Services Digital Marketing

1. Website .

Develop nice, informative, google friendly website.

2. Google Business.

Register your business and website at Google Business. For local Promotions Use Google Business

For example if your business based in Miranda NSW, you need to make local promo in Sutherland Shire.

3. Niche Analysis
In DigitalMarketing for a medical centre if it has a wide profile, the analysis of competitors should be carried out for each area of the clinic. First of all  priority areas in the treatment of patients. Secondary find your clinic benefits.

The analysis focused on the following points in competitors’ strategies:

  • traffic sources;
  • features of the site structure.
  • content on competitors’ service pages
  • link strategies.
  • and get more ideas from our related article how to promote medical services

4. Email Marketing
Email marketing for medical niche allows you to target different audiences by interest and loyalty to your brand. As a result you need to use different engagement tactics for each segment.

Using the Email marketing channel, you can monitor the quality of customer service, offer promotions, and return customers to regular procedures. Particular attention can be paid to VIP clients and those who are already undergoing treatment with you.Email marketing helps maintain the clinic’s reputation and the loyalty of your clients.

5.Contextual advertising for a medical practice
Most requests will be informational and will not result in an increase in calls and appointments. Therefore, for search advertising, you need to collect requests as specific as possible, for example:

  • book appointment doctor physio
  • gynaecological specialist


Queries with place names work well, for example:

removal of dry calluses with a laser in Sydney
Do not forget about requests in which the user is interested in the cost of a particular service. Therefore, when building the structure of the page content, you should publish the price for the reception.

Answer a question like this:

  • where to get laser hair removal
  • laparoscopy cost
  • crushing kidney stones with ultrasound price

For these inquiries, it is clear that a person plans to visit a doctor, and is not looking for home treatment methods or simply wants to know more about his illness.

Important! Give the user what he wants.

In conclusions

Promote of medical centres  website and services with in free and paid search.  Work with patients face to face and email marketing will not only increase the visibility of the clinic, but also develop loyalty in the treatment process.

Attention to details will help to significantly improve the quality of an advertising campaign, visibility in search engines, and increase the number of recommendations from your clinic.

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