7 Tips to Improve Your Google My Business Listing

Our Easyclick Studio online marketing agency can help you to start with your Google My Business.

The main goal of the Google My Business is to help you as a company owner to improve sales and increase your chances of showing up in Google Local, Google Maps and an organic ranking. Google My Business helps you to share information about your company, reviews and ratings.

How to improve your Google Business Listing

Optimising the Google My Business Card is one of the key actions.

If you are not listed in Google Business yet we will advice you to make it. Here is a few simple steps:
  1. Go to Google My Business. Click “Get on Google
  2. Enter Your Business Name and Address in the Search Box.
  3. Select or Add Your Business. Click on your business listing if it appears among the suggested matches. …
  4. Verify Your Business over the phone or receive your pin with text message.
  5. Confirm your Business and follow the next steps to present your business online.
Attract new customers with your free Business Profile on Google.

7 Most Important Point how to improve Google My Business listing.


Use most most relevant and successful keywords for your company Google My Business description. Write a brief description of your business.

2. Compete all information what Google asks for.

Photo gallery, new services, contacts, facilities (for example, you can add to the restaurant card that you have a toilet for disabled people or a ramp);

3. Set up Appointment and Menu url.

Your business listing can include links to specific actions such as online orders or reservations. Insert your contact page or Menu on your main website on the Google My Business listing. Beauty shops, fitness centres can take advantage of the Reserve with Google service, which allows customers to book appointments directly through Google.

In order to join the program, businesses will need to add and update their daily schedules with a third-party scheduling site that has a partnership with Google. If your business want to make reservations through Google Partners such Bookatable or Mindbody check this link.

4. Answer on the reviews.

Avoid negative reviews. Read how to fix bed Google reviews

Online reviews are critical to the success of a local business, with nearly 90% of consumers only considering purchasing from a business if they have a star rating of 3+

Responding to online reviews is another critical piece in not only building a positive online impression, but also in encouraging other consumers to leave their feedback and engage with your business.

5. New content.

Add new advices, posts, menus to Google Business page.

6. Make 3D Tours.

How 3D Tours Can help your business:
  • Increases click-through rate by 50% on Google search results. Google, by 30% increase reservation.
  • Potential customers between the ages of 18 and 34 are 130% more likely to make a reservation after viewing the tour.
  • Pages of companies with a virtual tour attract customers 2 times more often than all the rest.
  • In 44% of cases, when searching for information about a company, users use maps and in 41% of cases, the search ends with a visit.
    Official Google study: https://goo.gl/99uVKf

    What is 3D Tours
    This is a way to walk through the streets of the city, apartment, hotel room, gym, cafe, restaurant, shop and other places directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Do not confuse the concept of a virtual tour with an ordinary photo or video! Here you can not just walk – the user gets the opportunity to look where he wants, to enter the door, which he considers it necessary to open, to look into those parts of the institution that he wants.

    Why do you need it?

    Imagine that soon you intend to go to another city, say, on a vacation or a business trip, and the first thing the traveler focuses on is a hotel room, apartment or hostel. Here he comes to the aid of Booking, where you can find out basic information: prices, location and photo of rooms and / or TripAdvisor with guest reviews.

    There are a lot of systems! But today this is not enough – users are spoiled by new technologies and they need to be surprised. – How? Order a 3D tour ➾ place it on the site ➾ place on print products using a QR-code ➾ tell about it on social networks – use the new tool to attract customers to your business! And now your profile on Google Maps and Google Search will get a lot more views, which means more clients, now your potential client will not view photos in the gallery, now he will walk in a virtual way.

    7.Add social media links to google my business page

    If you don’t know how to add social media links on your Google Business listing page please read Google  instructions . Like in the example above. You can add it by yourself or ask your developer.