Internet Marketing for B2B: How to Develop a Strategy

The main complexities of the sphere and the principles of a competent business promotion strategy. Companies in the field of B2B do not work with ordinary buyers, but with other companies - they sell industrial equipment, advise, and develop dealer networks. This type of business can be successfully promoted on the Internet, but there are pitfalls here. In the article, we will figure out what the difficulties of the sphere are and how we in "EasyClick Studio " bypass them,...

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How to Retain Beauty Salon Clients Using Remarketing?

One of the tasks of businesses with cyclical demand, such as beauty salons, barbershops, nail salons, is to retain and return customers. The more often the client comes back, the better. Let's explain: to preserve a beautiful hairstyle and manicure, you need to visit your master with some regularity. Let's say in our example it will be 1 time and 2 times a month, respectively. However, what to do if the term for the repeated service has already arrived, but...

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How to attract more clients to your medical business

How to attract more clients to your medical business Medical Clinic Managing a private clinic is somewhat easier than any other business due to the fact that people come to the medical center anyway. No one is immune from diseases, in our life we ​​get sick more than once, and often qualified specialists are needed to solve health problems. At the same time, not everyone trusts state polyclinics, so they turn to private medical centers. However, in order to extract...

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Email Marketing for Medical Practice

email marketing med practice

Email Marketing for Medical Practice You should collect the base from different sources: Make an appointment on the site. Question to the doctor. Blog subscription form. Landing pages dedicated to promotions. White Paper (useful and interesting content in exchange for a subscription). Subscription via social networks. Offline subscription (data collection in clinics). Each channel gives you a different audience by interest and loyalty. Therefore, use different engagement tactics for each segment. For example, subscribers to White Pages send a series...

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Digital Marketing for Medical Centre

medical practice marketing Sydney

Medical centre website and promotions. Find out how to increase traffic to the website of a medical clinic 4 times in 5 months using complex Internet marketing of medical services. Medical topics are quite specific. It has a special terminology, complex and often very expensive services, high competition. These materials created not only by clinics, but also by large medical portals.   How to promote and make digital marketing for new clinic with no name? Clinic  has high-quality modern equipment,...

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