What to expect with EasyClick as your SEO agency


Website optimisation or how does SEO work?

Search engines are constantly striving to improve the quality of the search results, so it is necessary to promote the Internet resource in a comprehensive manner. This is working with the technical side, content as a decisive factor, convenience, usability, correct display on various devices and attraction of natural links. The work is divided into two subtypes:

Internal Site Search Optimisation

Internal optimisation actions improve the site and have a direct impact on its site position. The works are divided into: compilation of a semantic core (selection of keywords for which the resource is planned to be promoted); improvement of the internal structure of the resource (CNC, Robots.txt, sitemap); elimination of technical errors (duplicate pages, broken links, increase in site loading speed); continuous improvement of the usability of the resource (convenience for users); increasing the relevance of pages (compliance with the user’s request); optimisation of images; implementation of internal linking. Internal optimisation is the most time-consuming work, it must be done constantly. The success of your project depends on internal optimisation as a whole. The site should be of high quality, fast, user-friendly and fully provide the information for which they came to you.