13 Essential Google My Business Optimisations for 2020

1. Create an account 2. Complete each field 3. Provide relevant contact details 4. Describe your business 5. Select the primary and secondary categories 6. Select attributes 7. Add photos 8. Get feedback 9. Post to your profile. 10. Keep a Q & A section 11. Add products and services 12. Set up messaging 13. Stick to your profile development strategy

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Why do you need website audit

SEO report what should include

Why do you need website audit. Site audit A regular audit of a web site is one of the most important factors for its stable and efficient functioning. Among other activities for the analysis of Internet projects, one can distinguish this type of analysis, as an external audit of the site. The main feature of this type of audit from others is that it does not analyse the website itself, but the external environment in which it operates and which...

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How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works

Social Media Steps

How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works Social media is dominating our lives. A study by Statista showed that people, on average, spent more than 2 hours a day on social media platforms. And frankly, that number is surprisingly small, given that people are constantly on their phones browsing through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, among others. What this means for businesses is the market is ripe for social media marketing. It has been ripe for many...

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What You Should Look for in an SEO Report

SEO strategies are best left in the hands of SEO professionals. They know what to do, what the latest trends are, and could tailor-fit the strategies they will use to your needs as a business. The best part about having the services of professionals is all you have to do is pretty much sit back and watch the magic happen. As a business owner, how do you know that magic is happening, though? Enter SEO Reports. SEO Reports are vital...

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