Caring for your braces.

Caring for your braces.

 How to keep teeth healthy during treatment with braces.


  1. A favorable outcome of the course of bite correction implies not only attentiveness on the part of a specialist, but also the efforts of the person himself. It is necessary to follow the daily care of the braces after installation during the entire course of treatment. It is important to realize that the fulfillment of the prescriptions of the orthodontist will have a beneficial effect on the entire process, thereby ensuring a quick and high-quality result.
  2. Diet and hygiene can take a huge step towards healthy and beautiful teeth. In this article, we have collected basic guidelines with which you will learn how to care for your braces. By following these principles, you will gain the coveted Hollywood smile.
  3. Basic rules of hygiene and care of the bracket system
  4. Keeping braces in good condition and caring for your teeth involves following a few simple rules that will later become a habit. The orthodontist will tell you in detail about all the nuances during the period of wearing the systems and explain how to properly monitor the devices. Let’s take a look at some basic post-brace tips to make your bite correction comfortable and supportive.
  5. All happy owners of the designs are advised to take good care of the braces and brush their teeth after each meal. Sanitation of the oral cavity is very important throughout the course of bite correction, it is during this period that there is a high risk of caries and gum disease. Food gets stuck between the elements of the braces, due to this, a large number of microorganisms accumulate, which adversely affect the condition of the enamel.
  6. Due to improper and untimely oral hygiene with braces, the likelihood of gum disease, in particular periodontitis, is very high. Experts emphasize the fact that in case of possible tissue inflammation, the structure will have to be removed to eliminate the problem. Regular care of systems and enamel will serve as a guarantee of an effective course of dentition correction.
  7. In the event that it is not possible to clean the braces, for example, in a restaurant, treat your mouth with warm water or a special mouthwash that can be purchased at any pharmacy. Such solutions not only get rid of bacteria, but also freshen the breath. Just a few minutes devoted to this procedure, and you will protect yourself from possible problems, thereby ensuring proper hygiene with braces.
  8. After installing the systems, patients should not only increase the number of approaches for brushing their teeth, but also the time of the entire process. Experts advise to spend at least 3-5 minutes on such an important procedure. The accumulation of bacteria after ingestion of food adversely affects the surface of the dentary, causing various diseases. That is why it is necessary to carefully care for the oral cavity and braces, so as not to provoke a weakening of the structure of the gums and enamel, not only during bite correction, but also in the future.
  9. Many people believe that hygiene measures are too monotonous and therefore do not follow the rules of dental care. Some doctors advise to sanitize the oral cavity by playing your favorite music. With this approach, you can not only orient yourself in time, but also cheer yourself up, which obviously will not be superfluous.
  10. The orthodontist’s recommendations include food items. Avoid eating hard and sticky foods. It is advisable to cut tough fruits and vegetables into pieces so that the system does not break. Such food can damage the entire structure, which will entail additional costs and troubles. A special instruction applies to chewing gums, which are not recommended for use. Keep in mind that stuck food remains not only cause tooth and gum problems, but also a bad smell.
  11. During bite correction with braces, it is necessary to try to avoid temperature changes. Sizzling coffee and ice-cold ice cream can play a cruel joke. To be on the safe side, it is better to wait a little and then enjoy your favorite dishes.
  12. Orthodontists strongly recommend against using ultrasonic brushes for dental treatment. Such means can spoil the fastening of braces, they are not designed for tooth enamel with installed system elements.
  13. After fixing the systems, some doctors advise opting for toothpastes containing fluoride. Such components and its connections allow to strengthen the enamel, which is very important in the process of correcting bite with braces

Tools and products for the care of the bracket system

As you know, one of the main rules of braces care is to regularly brush your teeth. In addition to using standard means of oral cavity sanitation, there are tools that allow you to take care of the systems as efficiently as possible.

1. To remove food residues after eating, experts recommend using special brushes. They differ from conventional models by a unique structure: the villi are slightly shorter in the middle than at the edges, which makes it easy to clean the braces.
2. An equally effective tool after the installation of systems is also a monobunched brush for braces. The small size allows you to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach places, including wisdom teeth, where a huge number of microbacteria that destroy enamel accumulate.

3. Another indispensable tool in the arsenal of a person with braces are tooth brushes. These tools allow you to thoroughly remove plaque from and between teeth. Care with the help of brushes will protect a person from caries and other diseases of the oral cavity. Depending on the size of the interdental spaces in the assortment of pharmacies, there are models of different sizes, so choosing the right product is not difficult.
4. An effective way to remove accumulated plaque are dental floss, which provide the necessary care for any braces. Some models of orthodontic threads are impregnated with fluoride for comfortable cleaning, they are round or flat. It should be remembered that flosses are intended for single use.
5. On the modern market there are special irrigators of the oral cavity, which allow you to clean the enamel surface, the space between the teeth. Such devices provide maximum care while wearing braces. The functionality of the irrigators also presupposes the function of gum massage.