Child’s first visit to dentist

Dental schedule benefits

In Australia your child may be eligible for medicare dental benefits. Child should be 2-17 years and eligible for Medicare.Who can get it and how to get it you will get from service Australia website.

Your child dental can use dental benefits for services at most dentists. Don’t forget you can only claim benefits for. You can get dental services up to $1,000 in a 2 year period

Child Dental Benefits Schedule  .

11 Ways To Prepare Your Child For The First Dental Visit

  1. A family member who himself does not feel fear of the dentist should go to the dentist’s appointment and conduct a preparatory conversation with the child. After all, children can feel your fears and they themselves will begin to be afraid.
  2. It is necessary to prepare the child for the visit 1-2 days before the appointment, not earlier, so that he does not have time to worry or hear “scary stories” from peers.
  3. When going to the dentist, do not focus on this. A visit to the doctor should be an ordinary, unremarkable event.
  4. Don’t tell your child not to be afraid or that it won’t hurt. He does not yet know that you can be afraid of something at the dentist (until you told him)
  5. There is no need to promise gifts for good behavior, this may alert the child (individual approach).
  6. Do without detailed stories about what exactly they will do – anaesthesia, removal or filling. The child will not especially understand anything, but will only be frightened.
  7. Don’t say the doctor won’t do anything. Otherwise, later the child will understand that he was deceived and will stop trusting you. You can tell your child that the doctor “will look at how you brushed your teeth, count them, and feed them with vitamins.”
  8. Do not use the scary words “prick”, “drill”. The pediatric dentist will individually determine what needs to be said to your child before treatment.
  9. Play doctor with him, show him how to enter the office, sit in a chair, open your mouth and hold it open. Take on the role of a doctor, say hello, sit in a chair, look at your teeth, brush with a children’s electric brush on batteries (buy in advance, do not be lazy, let your child get used to the fact that a buzzing thing in his mouth is not scary).
  10. If the doctor has allowed you to attend the appointment, behave correctly. During a conversation between a doctor and a child, do not interfere, do not answer questions for the child, do not comment on the doctor’s actions, become “invisible”. A child cannot fix attention on two adults at once. The doctor must completely switch his attention to himself in order to establish psychological contact. Do not interfere!
  11. It is advisable to organise a visit to the clinic for the child “for acquaintance”. The doctor will talk with the child, see “how many teeth have grown”, establish trusting friendships and agree with the child that he will come to show his teeth again.
    The child should get used to his doctor, start to trust him. Try to drive your little one to the same dentist. Give them the opportunity to gradually find a common language and understand each other

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