What You Should Look for in an SEO Report

SEO strategies are best left in the hands of SEO professionals.

They know what to do, what the latest trends are, and could tailor-fit the strategies they will use to your needs as a business. The best part about having the services of professionals is all you have to do is pretty much sit back and watch the magic happen.

As a business owner, how do you know that magic is happening, though?

Enter SEO Reports. SEO Reports are vital if you want to know if the SEO efforts done on your behalf are working. What should you expect from an SEO Report? Here are some of the things you must look and ask for from your SEO service provider.

SEO Reports: What You Should Look For

  1. Traffic Data – The main reason SEO exists is to increase traffic. After all, the more traffic that comes in, the better chances you have of converting. So it only makes sense that the SEO report include traffic data. The report must also include source information. This will tell you where the traffic is coming from so you can focus your marketing efforts on those areas.
  2. Conversion Rate – Seeing that many people are visiting your website is only part of the story. Traffic must lead to conversion. That is the goal. The SEO Report must show you what the conversion rate is, preferably at the beginning of the report. The conversion rate will help you understand and appreciate the other parts of the report.
  3. Goal Completion – Another important thing to see in the report is the goal completion data. Here you can see the goals that you set and which goals were you able to achieve.
  4. Page-Level Traffic – It’s important to know how many people are coming through the door and where they were coming from. Nevertheless, it’s also very crucial to know where they go once they come in. The pages they visit will give you information on the trends as well as which content on your website are bringing people in. Armed with this information, you could make improvements on certain pages that are not receiveing a lot of attention or post more content that your audience likes.
  5. Page Speed Data – Google algorithms are focusing more and more on user experience so SEO relies a lot on user experience. It’s very important to know how fast each of your page is loading and what the problems are so you can fix them.
  6. Bounce Rate and Time on Site – If your SEO provider really wants to impress you, they would also add information about your site’s bounce rate (I.e. how many people leave the site without going any further than the landing page) as well as the time on site. This will give you an idea which type of content grab people’s attention and which ones don’t.
  7. Analysis and Recommendations – Just like any report, the SEO report you recieve from your SEO service provider must end with an analysis of the data. This analysis will be the basis of their recommendation. The analysis and recommendations part is, arguably, is the most important sections of the report. Your service provider must talk about what to do moving forward. Should the SEO strategy be changed or should you keep doing what you’re already doing? All the data they present is useless if there is no action plan at the end.

Their analysis and recommendations must be communicated based on your level of understanding of SEO concepts. You don’t want an SEO agency who loads up the report with jargon that don’t make sense to you.

Final ThoughtsAn SEO report is as vital to your business as the reports from other segments of your business. It’s necessary that you hold your SEO service provider to a high standard when they discuss outcomes of the SEO efforts they do on your behalf