Web Analytics

Web analytics is a set of activities aimed at collecting and analysing information about the effectiveness of a website on the Internet. It is carried out by experienced professionals using specialised software. Analytics services are used as a data source, the most popular of which are Google Analytics .

What are Web analytics used for?

Web analytics is needed to:

Determine the sources of traffic to the site, and then move in this direction.
Determine behavioral factors such as viewing depth, time spent on the site, bounce rate.

Behavioral factors are taken into account by search engines.  
Optimise advertising costs. After analysing the conversion rate, CTR  and consumer behaviour, you can find key queries for which advertising does not give the desired result.

Improve website usability.  Make your website user friendly, content and pictures attractive. This not only increases their level of loyalty and interest in cooperation. Search Engine count how long visitors stays on the website.
Determine the effectiveness of SEO promotion methods. Search engine algorithms change very often, so you have to constantly keep your finger on the pulse and take action if necessary.
Track the dynamics of website development. Analytics services allow you to create reports for any period according to the necessary parameters, which allows you to assess the change in key parameters (traffic, behavioral factors, conversion rate).