Why do you need website audit

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Why do you need website audit.

Site audit

A regular audit of a web site is one of the most important factors for its stable and efficient functioning. Among other activities for the analysis of Internet projects, one can distinguish this type of analysis, as an external audit of the site. The main feature of this type of audit from others is that it does not analyse the website itself, but the external environment in which it operates and which directly influences it. The external audit consists of three main activities. This is an external search audit, audit of the competitive environment and analysis of the link mass of the site.

Website Audit is the first step to make your website successful.

Website audit is a broader survey, including website audit, SMM promotion in social groups, email marketing, etc. Web studio SEO-Website conducts a full survey on an individual order, including the necessary items. After conducting a site audit according to our methodology or a survey of Internet presence, the customer receives a complete overview of current statistics and the effectiveness of the website and other tools.