Why SEO still important in 2020

SEO: Why It Matters More Now Than Ever Before

With the Coronavirus spreading all over the world; more and more businesses have shifted their businesses online. There are already billions of active websites and thousands more are going live every day. If you own a business, there is a great chance that many other websites offer the same products and services as you.

If you want to stay relevant in this new market landscape and this age of Corona, you need to promote yourself and ensure your website is visible to people. One of the most fundamental ways to promote yourself and secure online success is search engine optimization or SEO.

In this piece, we will discuss why SEO matters, the benefits of SEO to your business and the reasons you should be investing on SEO.

Why SEO Matters

  1. Ranking is Everything

Fact: 9 out of 10 clicks are done on the first search engine results page. SEO matters because it helps a website get a coveted, very visible spot at the top of search rankings.

  • Traffic Vs. Qualified Traffic

The goal of SEO is not just to increase the traffic on your website but to increase qualified traffic. SEO does not just bring people through the virtual door; it brings in people who are interested in your offers.

  • Good Relationship with Search Engines

When you have a good SEO strategy, you gain the trust of search engines over time. When you establish and nurture this trust; your website will not only gain good ranking on search engines, you will also gain credibility among consumers.

  • Longer Term Audience

SEO helps connect you to your target audience, determine what kind of consumers you have, and what kind of content they need. This will help you provide your users with the content they require. If you are able to provide this, you can build a loyal audience over time.

  • SEO Works on Every Platform

SEO does not only work on Google or other search engines. A good SEO strategy will help your site and its contents be visible on other platforms including ecommerce and social media.

What’s in It for You: The Benefits of SEO

  1. SEO helps you target quality traffic.
  2. SEO gives your users a better experience, whether on traditional computers or mobile devices.
  3. SEO is a source of leads and lowers the cost of lead generation.
  4. SEO provides better close rates and higher conversion rates.
  5. Local SEO encourages people to go to the brick-and-mortar store after an online visit.
  6. SEO helps you establish brand awareness and build brand credibility.
  7. SEO helps your users find you on search engines, ecommerce sites, social media, and other platforms.

Why You Should Invest in SEO

Investing in SEO will increase your ranking and visibility on search engines which will lead to more qualified traffic and better sales. It will also help you target your ideal consumers on whatever device and platform they use. More importantly, SEO helps you build a brand search engines and consumers can trust; building a loyal base of customers that can help your business succeed well into the future.

SEO may have been around for a long time; but having a strong SEO strategy for your business is more crucial than ever. Any business who wish to stay relevant and competitive in today’s market needs SEO.