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Learn the secret of Facebook

Facebook is so attractive because of the psychological factors involved with it create addiction. Every major activity on Facebook – posting, sharing, liking, commenting taps the pleasure center of our brain. The rewarding feelings of social acceptance and other tangible and intangible benefits make Facebook a favorite destination for increasing fan base and driving Facebook traffic organically.

A blogger should know what makes others happy, honored, privileged, and benefitted in practical means. People want to be motivated, so bloggers should satisfy any of the reasons that improve privacy and quality of social media experience for fans, friends, and acquaintances.

This activity shows that maintaining contact with a friend or an acquaintance, create virtual empathy which has positive implications.

Let’s look at the type of posts that are most ‘likable’ and ‘shareable’ to the majority of Facebook users, irrespective of the verticals they are from.

  • Fun-filling posts for entertainment
  • Common Event related posts
  • Incentive or offer related posts
  • Giveaway or awards related posts
  • Posts with shareable quotes for motivation
  • Invitation posts