Jump Start your Online Strategy in 2020

2020 might be more than halfway done but times have changed drastically since the beginning of the year. Thus, everyone is constantly trying to find new methods for reaching their target market.

Whether you have an existing website or starting one up; these five marketing trends will help jumpstart your online strategy for the second half of 2020 and keep it going strong for 2021.

Top 5 Trends to Jump Start Your Online Strategy

  1. Voice Search Optimization – Voice search has been gaining popularity these last few years. With Amazon and Google devices becoming household items; optimizing voice search is more important than ever before.  Voice search is especially important in local marketing. How do you optimize for voice search? The key is in identifying user intent and use that information to carefully choose your keywords.
  • Mobile UX Optimisation – You probably have already made your website mobile responsive. And if you haven’t; why not? Mobile phone users outnumber traditional computer users. Therefore, more and more people expect a business’ content and offers accessible on their handheld devices. Mobile user experience is a crucial factor in traffic, user engagement, conversions, and sales. To make sure you give your users the best possible mobile experience; consider ease of use, navigation, as well as the visual elements.
  • Customer Service Revamp – Up your customer service game by incorporating chatbots. People want fast answers and fast service. What should you do? Adding a live chat feature is absolutely essential. This will help your users’ issues and questions addressed quickly. Chatbots can be deployed for a number of functions like answering general questions, helping users with common problems, instructing users to do uncomplicated transactions, and many more. All these save your users’ time and your resources as well.
  • Personalization – In 2017, Netflix contacted a user because he/she watched “Bee Movie” 357 times. The woman in question said it was very nice that Netflix cared enough to check if she was okay. Netflix, Amazon, and other companies understand that personalised experiences drive customer satisfaction up and builds customer loyalty. Online strategists now know that creating customised and pleasant experiences for their customers is in their best interest. You can create these wonderful personalised experiences by understanding and analysing your customers, their intent, their buying behaviours, and then offering them products and content that are relevant for them. 
  • Customer Engagement – Other than personalising experiences, one more way to jump start your online strategy is to connect with your users and customers. Communicate with them, build rapport, inspire confidence and trust through social media and other channels. Reach out to your target market by being approachable and relatable. Encourage feedback and comments and respond to them appropriately. Create content and products that your users would be proud to share.

2020 is the best time to develop or refresh your online strategy. Focus on these five big trends to reach your target market more easily and efficiently. We hope these tips will help you make better marketing decisions and campaigns that will help you succeed in 2020 and beyond.