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Listing Updated 6.01.2020

Potential customers are using search engines like Google to look for businesses like yours every minute of every day. While there are numerous SEO strategies to target local visitors seeking the products you have, a great first choice would be taking advantage of Australian business directory listings.

Listing with local directories is every bit as important now, in 2020, as it ever was. It may seem obvious, but having your name, address and phone number, (NAP details), in the most popular business directories, is a must so far as local search is concerned. Also, Australian business directories aren’t only good for improving your local search numbers; they can also boost ‘referral traffic’, from people clicking links on your listing, and as such, improve your rating with Google.

How to Locate the Top Australian Business Directories?

As you start to look for appropriate directories, you will likely come across directories boasting 50, 100 or as many as 250 Australian business directory sites. Chances are you’ll do worse than waste your time on these, as you could do damage your website’s Google ranking. Problems with such directories include:

  • They are often a scam, formulated by using old outdated lists and data,
  • They are full of directories demanding payment, or requiring reciprocal links,
  • They have not been fully edited. Many directories have incomplete forms, broken links and are a no-no so far as Google is concerned,
  • They are websites with little traffic or no value, and may be de-indexed by Google

Since 2014, when we first published our best directory list, we’ve been constantly updating, which is why we have a product which is relevant in 2018. We cast our net wide, searching the top 100 in Google for over 20 industry terms. This gave us almost 300 directories. After removing all the directories which failed our stringent testing regimen, we took a final step to ensure the remaining websites had real traffic value.

In 2014 we used the ‘Alexa Ranking’; the best measure of local Australian website traffic at the time. In 2018 there are much better SEO tools available, particularly, which allows us to evaluate the actual traffic volume websites. It can also calculate the equivalent costing if you were to purchase that traffic volume through paid ads, (Adwords). This in fact is the basis of our ROI calculations for local SEO packages.

Preparing your business’s listing information.

Directory submissions often mean entering the same information over and over, so to avoid wasting time. We suggest gathering the following information into one document:

  • 2-3 Business listing titles.
  • Submission email address.
  • Business contact email address.
  • Business phone number.
  • Social media links.
  • At least two unique business descriptions (Typically 200 words max).
  • Square logo image (Approx. 300px is fine for most websites).
  • 5 business related images.
  • Business ABN.

Having the above information on hand to copy and paste will make the process much faster.

Submission Tools and Tips

Automatic submission won’t work well in practice. Directories are built using a variety of platforms with varying fields. Thus a semi-automatic method is required. Your browser’s auto complete function will, at times, assist with form completion, but it’s an idea to manually review the fields to finish.

Submission hints:

  • Crosscheck directories business names & phone numbers for duplicate listings.
  • Do be sure your listings are as complete as possible to maximise value and effectiveness.
  • Vary titles and descriptions for a unique listing, but be sure to use consistent login details.
  • Be sure to use a dedicated email to separate business and personal emails.
  • Be prepared for directories calling to upsell premium listings.
  • Be sure you receive confirmation emails straightaway and after 5 days.
  • And, of course, don’t forget to check with your clients on how your listing appears on the directory. Does it boost your profile? Are you getting referral traffic and hence backlink value? Maybe even ask them to suggest other Australian business directories they like in the comments section.

Australian business directories

The Top 30 Australian Business Directories (Dec 2019 Update)

Here is our list of the best Australian directories for 2019 ranked by Google search traffic. All have been tested to ensure submissions are approved.


if you live in Sydney Sutherland Shire I suggest you to add your website to local listing:

Please ask your clients rate your business and your business services on the directories to boost your website.