Digital Marketing Ingredients.

Before you can set your online marketing strategy, you will need to complete a full situation analysis. Your situation analysis means that you are able to provide the rationale for your marketing objectives, plans and strategies.

Essential Ingredients

  1. The macro environment
  2. The market situation
  3. The competitive situation
  4. A customer analysis
  5. A product analysis
  6. A distribution analysis
  7. How your sales projection may change over time

Don’t do this alone! Easyclick Studio specialists can help you with online marketing strategy and your website analysis. Involve as many interested parties as you can. More people -more different perspectives and information.

Marketing Strategy and Research.

Marketing research make your makes your business more successful.

If you want to know what your customers think or feel about your product or service, you probably are going to ask them, using some form of marketing research. You can use one of the online surveys for your services as Survey Monkey. Be wary about about taking shortcuts and asking other people what they think the customer wants – answers may well be loaded with bias and take you in the wrong direction.

Where to start?

Once you know what you know, list what you need to find out. Be specific. This might include areas that will give your customer insight, competitor intelligence, market analysis, brand tracking and analysis.

Then write down where all information comes from. Highlight trusted sources and important numbers. You need to know only facts but not opinions.

Allocate your budget for marketing research.

You should know how much money you are prepared to invest in digital marketing research. Do not forget to specify timeframe.

If you want to sell hand made candy online you might need to find all your competitors online, what they sell, how much they charge for their products. Do you like your competitor website? What is your competitors website strong and weak point.

To analyse your competitors website you need a digital specialist help or you can do it with analytic software like SEMRUSH or LeapFrog.


  • Look at the size and your company structure.
  • If you are small local business owner -Find people who can give you local guidance.
  • Understand the market in general and specifically the market for your product .
  • Get legal advice to protect your intellectual property and take care of business insurance
  • Write down and discuss with layer your website Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and other legal document from the website.
  • Build local relationships and start Google my Business if you have not started yet.
  • Ask for digital marketing help if you need any.