Dental implantation procedure

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Dental implantation procedure.

Implantation is the preferred treatment when one or more teeth are missing.
Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have restored their natural beauty and confidence with the help of implants.

Your dentist will help you determine if the implant placement is right for you, as well as make a plan for your treatment.

If you only need to restore one missing tooth, implantation can be a very effective alternative to a traditional dental bridge. First of all, because a standard bridge requires turning the abutment teeth and is installed on them. Bone loss continues under the bridge, after a while the aesthetics are impaired, the abutment teeth eventually require additional treatment or even the removal and replacement of the bridge.

An alternative treatment is implantation.
The advantage of dental implantation is that it allows you to restore only the missing tooth, while the adjacent teeth remain intact, and the service life of the crown on the implant significantly exceeds the time of wearing bridges on the teeth.

A job well done is virtually indistinguishable from adjacent teeth even when viewed very closely.

Several installed implants will become reliable support and replace removable dentures, clasp prostheses, bridges on teeth.
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Implants will preserve the volume of bone tissue, and the adjacent teeth will remain intact.

Unlike other types of prosthetics, implantation will preserve the natural and natural appearance of the restoration for a very long time.

Dental implantation Implantation is the most effective procedure for fixing any removable dentures. Poorly fitting removable dentures not only interfere with your conversation and eating, but also change your appearance. The prosthesis is securely fixed on the implants using ball-shaped attachments. This will eliminate the need to use other fixing devices, make wearing more comfortable and prolong the life of the prosthesis.

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The main advantage of this type of prosthetics is its low cost.