Creating Website with Wix Designer

What is WIx?

Wix is a cloud based, web development platform.

Advantages of creating website on Wix:

Wix is Fast and Easy to Use.Developing a site using Wix is very simple and quick.
Creation of a website can be done in several hours. Firstly choose a plan, then choose a
template from which you will make the website. Simply fill it with content and the site will

The Convenience of the Interface:

Wix is thought through to the smallest detail, and offers functionality that allows you to
implement tasks with a few clicks without having to have complex programming skills.

Initial Cost Saving

A site on Wix can be free initially. As with many other website building applications, a free
trial is provided. To get this you will need to build on the Wix subdomain, not on your own
domain, which will allow Wix to include an advertising banner/link.

A Large Number of Beautiful Templates

Wix Designer has a variety of modern themes of tasteful templates for website creation.

Disadvantages of creating website on Wix:

  • Functionality and Site Editing

Site editing is limited to what you can do with the toolbar. It’s simply not possible to refine
the site in a more technical manner.

  • No website backups

There is no provision made for a site backup, so, in the event of server failure, your site may
disappear too. Shouldn’t, but it could happen.

  • Search Engine Recognition

Wix Designer made sites are not recognised by search engines based on JavaScript and Ajax
technologies. (This can be checked by trying to print a page from the site.)

  • Search Engine Rating

For optimal promotion of the site, search engines must be allowed full, direct access, which is
not provided by the designers. The same robots.txt file is not available on the VX, like other
standalone systems.
Index Dynamically Outputable Content
On some browsers this creates problems.

The Cost of Wix Plans (AUD)(Prices will vary as exchange rate with $US varies)
VIP ‘All and More’ plan – $30.65/month
eCommerce ‘Best for Small Businesses’ – $20.64/month
Unlimited ‘For Entrepreneurs and Freelancers’ – $15.64/month
Combo ‘For Personal Use’ – $13.14/month

Can I promote my site made on Wix to Google?
Promoting the site in Google Search will be difficult. An SEO website built on Wix is
​​problematic. You can register the site in directories and promote it through Google AdWords.
You can start to optimize it, write meta tags, correct spelling of the texts and check all links,
but basically it will not improve results.
Why Sites Created with Wix Designer Do Not Advance
Google Bots are written to prefer sites using conventional and high-quality software. Some
free-of- charge packages, such as WordPress, Modx, OpenCart, are treated better, but these
are all on paid hosting. Sadly it is not so for Wix Designer.

Relevant Complex Issues Effecting Search Engine Ratings
The layout of the pages of sites executed on the Wix Designer carries a lot of extra garbage,
i.e. the universal blocks of patterns structured within the templates are convoluted and
awkward. This slows down the bots’ progress through the site, such restriction automatically
barring promotion of the Site.
Bottom Line
As a result you calculate how much money you pay for Wix Designer and compare it to what you
would pay for the creation of a site on a CMS such as WordPress, you will get similar
amounts. Of course the relevant differences are that in the second case the site will belong to
you, and you will easily be able to optimise it in regard to Search Engine Rating
Coming Soon
Keep an eye out for the following articles about website promotion.