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Times are tough we are helping small businesses. Time to plan your online marketing solutions.


COVID-19 has proven that it’s no joke, and small businesses are being hit hard. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by how to adapt in these strange times, let’s work together to see how technology and creative solutions can help you keep things moving.

Products and Services.

You should love your products and services like a parent loves a child- you bring them, shiny and new, into the world. And you want tend your business in good and difficult times! Whatever happens, you do your best to help them reach their full potential, giving encouragement and gentle nudges in the right direction.

We also know some of you may be struggling already, and we offer Strategy Mini-Sessions for FREE.

You’ll get 20 minutes of our business owner Alexa undivided attention through online video conference or phone call. Use this time for:

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ONLINE, On time! Get Business Consultation.

  • share your problems and start mapping out a plan
  • explore low- and no-contact solutions for right now
  • get answers for how to adjust marketing and technology needs
  • how to make an offer and intend customers to buy
  • find out how you can prepare for the future

Are you ready to start new campaign? Ask yourself:

Who, What, When, Where, How?

Remember to start your campaign planning with the answers to the following:

  • Who is your target audience and what are their online channels? Do your audience will read email or see your offer on the Facebook?
  • How you can adapt your business to current situation?
  • Do they subscribe to your Newsletters
  • Do you need online help and get one of our packages?