How to Retain Beauty Salon Clients Using Remarketing?

One of the tasks of businesses with cyclical demand, such as beauty salons, barbershops, nail salons, is to retain and return customers. The more often the client comes back, the better.

Let’s explain: to preserve a beautiful hairstyle and manicure, you need to visit your master with some regularity. Let’s say in our example it will be 1 time and 2 times a month, respectively. However, what to do if the term for the repeated service has already arrived, but the client has not returned? How do you remind him to “trim the tips”?

There are several ways to do this, one of them is remarketing (retargeting is the same).

What is remarketing?
Referring to Wikipedia, remarketing is an advertising mechanism through which online advertising is directed to those users who have already viewed the advertised product by visiting the advertiser’s web page.

Surely, you noticed that after a while after visiting some commercial site, you start to see ads for this resource everywhere you go:

✓ on entertainment portals;
✓ in social networks;
✓ in applications;
✓ on YouTube, etc.

What are the differences between the platforms?

1. Placement of advertisements.
Each site provides unique placements. If you want to reach the maximum number of visitors to your site, use all available sites. Be sure to set a limit on the number of impressions for each customer to avoid backlash.

2. Available types of remarketing.
Search remarketing is a prime example. It is available only at Yandex.Direct and Google Ads advertising platforms, since these companies have their own search engines. This type of remarketing allows you to set raising or lowering rates based on data about your site visitors.

3. Available ad formats.
The ad format depends on which ad platform you choose. There may be several options:

✓ Text ad
✓ Text ad with background
✓ Banner (image)
✓ Video
✓ Gallery (multiple images and captions)

What does it take to start remarketing?
To launch remarketing, each of the sites requires you to install a special code on your site.

• for Google Ads – Google Analytics;
• for Facebook and Instagram – the Facebook pixel.


8 remarketing steps for Facebook pixie

  1. Set up Facebook pixie account
  2.  Create your audience
  3. Use Facebook conversion tracking
  4.  Set up your campaign goals
  5.  Optimise your facebook page for better ads conversion
  6. Add pixie it on your website
  7. Track the right events for your business
  8. Start your campaign


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